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Welcome to Evergarden Japan!

© Copyright Lisa Hascall-Kanazawa 2024
Evergarden Eikaiwa

Services Currently Paused

Art Crafted by a Storyteller


Services Currently Paused

Local Apparel Repair and Handmade Goods


Services Currently Paused

Local and Online Individualized English Lessons for Goal-Setters


Evergarden; the love of humanity.

 The Founder   

Born in Portland, OR, USA and having grown up in Vancouver, WA, her experience with Japan and the Japanese language began in 2002. Influenced by Japanese Animation, she began self-studying Japanese and entered the local community college at 14 years old in order to continue her studies. In 2007, she was accepted to the Japan-America Friendship Scholarship (YFU) exchange program, and had her first taste of living in Nagano Prefecture.

In 2011, she completed a year of Intensive Japanese Studies at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies. After graduating from Western Washington University in 2013, she returned to Nagano for work as a Preschool teacher, followed by two years at Minowa Junior High School. She currently works at six preschools and five elementary schools within the Tatsuno Town public school system.

She always had a dream to do more with her creative skills in her work, and began building Studio Evergarden’s brand (originally Kanari-Illustration) in 2019. In 2020, she completed official certification in Japanese for apparel reform. In 2021, she officially opened Evergarden Japan.

 The Teacher   
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Hi, I'm Lisa!

I have a combined nine years of experience teaching English in small to large classrooms, from Preschool to Adult levels. I have worked in Japanese preschools since 2013, as well as two years as an ALT at the Junior High level. 

I currently teach classes out of my house when I am not working in the Tatsuno Town public schools. Students currently range from 2 to 72 years old, beginner to advanced. I also offer online lessons for business professionals and individuals.

Learn more about my lesson offerings here.

 The Craftswoman   

Thank you for your interest in my sewing and repair services! I’ve been sewing since I was four years old. My summer vacations were filled with sewing dates with my grandmother.

As a larger person who lives in Japan, I value the ability to repair and extend the longevity of garments. I want to help you repair your precious items, while at the same time, helping us all become more #sustainable.

You can read more about my current service offerings here.

 The Storyteller   

Thank you for checking out my art! I use art as therapy, but I also would like to use it to help tell stories, whether in physical form (Children’s Books and Graphic Novels) or accompanying experiences (Animation, Video Games, and Prose).

Since 2019, I have been working on my digital art skills; self-studying and completing Might Could’s Sketchbook to Style Bootcamp course. My favorite tools are the iPad Pro 10.5”, Apple Pencil, and Procreate.

I have been expanding and experimenting over the years to figure out my niche.

Check out my portfolio to see more of my personal projects.

 More About Lisa   
  • I’m a multi-passionate person.

  • I have many hobbies and interests, and I love to learn!

  • Things I Like to Do: swimming, skiing, yoga, dance, traveling, shopping, nature walking, playing with animals (I especially like cats!) 😸

  • Media I Enjoy: photography, video games, manga, all kinds of animation, comedy and drama movies, audiobooks, podcasts

  • I am an Artist of many mediums! I like DIY, sewing, painting, drawing digital illustrations on my iPad, building computers and tinkering, writing, and coding (I made a game!)

  • I’m a Musician! I play the flute and piano. Also, I love karaoke! My favorite genres of music are jazz and folk music, however, I like and listen to all kinds of music!

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