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More About Our Lessons

Are you a goal setter? 

We recommend our lessons to...

  • Those who have a personal reason to study English

  • Self-starters

  • Those who would like tailored lessons to their own pace and interests

You can expect to see these results...
  • Improved sense of American English pronunciation and native listening ability

  • Improved ability to make everyday conversation with native speakers

  • Improvements based on your personal goals that you set with Lisa

Example Student: Before and After


  • Student is unable to do a self-introduction in English

  • Student does not know how to ask for help when they don't know what to say in English

  • Student panics when they are confronted with native speakers who speak too fast

  • Student who lives abroad but cannot use English to manage their daily life independently (needs assistance with building confidence towards making phone calls with companies, schools) 

  • Student would like to improve their understanding of American culture in order to improve communication in their daily life and make local friends


  • Student can make a self-introduction in English with confidence, and in result, makes a good impression at work

  • Student can confidently ask questions to native speakers in order to confirm understanding or problem-solve

  • Student can improve their confidence in asking the speaker to clarify or slow down, and in result, becomes more resilient in conversations

  • Student becomes more independent in their daily life and in result, feels more at home abroad

  • Student is able to become part of their local community and feel a sense of home abroad

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