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What's Your English Learning Experience?


Many years ago, I was teaching a group of students.

When I asked the students what they would like to learn, their reasons were very different.

For example, Student A wanted to learn how to give directions, Student B wanted to learn self-introductions, and Student C wanted to learn about politics!

No one was happy with the class because everyone’s goals were different, and as a teacher, making the class was difficult.

I believe that if these students had taken private lessons with me, we could have worked together towards the same goal, and the student’s English conversation ability would have improved.

Let's Talk.

“At Evergarden English School, I want to help you reach your English language goals. We’re not going to focus on grammar or exams - just English for real life. Let’s go on a journey to grow together towards making a better future.”



My name is Lisa.

I'm an American who has lived and worked in Japan since 2013. I was born in Portland, OR, USA and raised in Vancouver, WA.


My first experience with Japanese culture came from watching Anime as a child. I was especially influenced by Studio Ghibli's films. In particular, Spirited Away was my first introduction to the Japanese language. When I was twelve years old, I watched this movie for the first time in its original language. From this point forward, I became enamored with the Japanese language and culture, and took it upon myself to self-study and attend any Japanese language classes I could find.

In 2007, I visited Japan for the first time as a short-term foreign exchange student in Shimosuwa Town, Nagano Prefecture. I returned in 2011 as an Advanced Japanese Studies student at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies. In 2013, I graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Japanese Studies.

From August 2013, I began work as an English Language Support teacher at nine preschools in Minowa Town, Nagano Prefecture, following with two years at Minowa Junior High School, as well as various other private English Teaching work in the community. With this experience, I decided to open my own school, Evergarden English School. 

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