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Updated Prices and Services Valid from April 2022.

Low Cost Repairs

Basic Button (Shirts)

300 yen x button



200 yen・400 yen (One Side / Both Sides)

Hook and Eye

350 yen・600 yen (One Side / Both Sides)


Fabric, Applique, and Point Reinforcement

Starting from 400yen

Simple Name Label

100 yen


Pill Removal

500 yen・900 yen (Point, One Side/Both Sides)

Hand-Sewn Repairs

Pants, Hem Area

1500 yen・2500 yen (One Leg/Both Legs)

Shirts and Blouses

1500 yen・2500 yen (One Sleeve/Both Sleeves)

Around Front Zipper

2000 yen


Seam Repair

300 yen・600 yen (One Leg/Both Legs)

Standard 3-Fold Hem

700 yen

Hand-Sewn Hem

1000・2000 yen (One Leg/Both Legs)

Waist Adjustments (Take In/Let Out)

2000 yen・2700 yen


Length - Straight Hem

From 1600 yen~

Length - Curved Hem

From 2000 yen 〜

Waist Adjustments (Take In/Let Out)

3000 yen・3500 yen


Total Length - Straight Hem

From 1600 yen〜


Total Length - Curved Hem

From 2000 yen〜

Collared Shirts

Sleeve Length

(No Cuff Replication/Cuff Replication)

From 1800 yen〜 / From 2100 yen〜

Tears and Holes

Professional-Grade Strength Washable Adhesive (For General Fabrics)

Recommended as a low-cost repair option, not recommended for large holes, many holes, or if in an area that is often stressed when worn. 

500 yen (per hole)

Hand-Sewn Hole Repair for Knit Fabrics

Priced by size of hole. 

From 500 yen〜

Hand-Sewn Repair for Cuts and Gashes

Priced by length and condition of surrounding fabric. 

From 800 yen〜

Kakehagi Patching
Priced by size and condition of garment. Ideal for jeans and heavy-duty fabrics for a long-lasting repair. 

​From 1000 yen〜

Custom Orders

Custom Orders are charged by the hour. My current rate is 908yen/hour (Nagano Prefecture Minimum Wage). Fabrics and materials (thread, etc.) provided by Lisa will be charged extra depending on the job.

Custom Curtain Repair and Hems

I can hem and repair curtains depending on their condition. Simple hems can be made to shorten the length/width of the curtain. 

Custom Button A

Made from Customer-Provided Fabric

Custom Button B

Made from Lisa's Available Fabrics

Custom Face Masks

For more information on current offerings, please fill out the contact form below. 

Other Custom Orders

Please use the contact form below to make an inquiry.


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