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Dip Pens and My Inktober Experience

Deleter Trial Pen Set by Deleter Japan

This article was originally published on January 10, 2020 for Might Could Studiomates, and has been edited to remove community-specific content.

Have you ever seen this kind of pen? No, this is not a dangerous weapon. This beginner's dip pen set with various pen tips is by "Deleter", a famous Japanese brand known for making products used by comic artists. They are also often used for calligraphy.

In 2019, I participated in Inktober for the first time, so I decided to try a new tool to help motivate me through the prompts. It proved to be a really difficult tool for me to use, but I learned to let go by making plenty of mistakes!

Here are the two prompts I drew using this tool and the basic black ink.

I used the G-pen tip for this one and was able to make many intricate lines. I did smudge it a bit, but not too badly.

This one turned into a huge mess! I managed to put the side of my hand down, and without thinking, straight onto the wet ink lining the top of her hair! Then, I just went for it and started smudging on purpose. It was kind of cathartic in the end, and my hand was covered in ink for a couple of days.

🙋 Got an answer, recommendation, or question about dip pens?

If you're familiar with these kinds of pens, I'd love some advice on how to use them more effectively. Have you ever used dip pens? If you have, how do they compare to other pens? Which brand do you use? If you haven't, what would you want to try?

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